Why it is hard to edit a pdf file


It is hard editing a pdf file because they are not meant for editing. And that is why, when there is a need for editing, you will require a pdf to word free or whatever converter you get so that you convert it to a format that is easily editable.  So what makes it hard to edit a pdf file?

Editing objects direct needs software on the desktop

It is not possible to get around this. If you are looking to edit objects which are found inside a pdf, then you will require to have a desktop software. Nowadays, most of the browser are not that powerful to enable editing directly of a pdf file inside a browser. While it might change with time, it is currently not the case at the moment.

When it comes to desktop programs, they tend to suffer from various issues such as; being expensive, hard to use, suffer few bugs quietly. That is why, in today’s world, it is hard to find a good, cheap or free alternative to the premium desktop programs for pdf that are purchased. If you happen to have needs that are short term, then most of the products found for the desktop have some time limited trials which you can try out for free before deciding which one to purchase.

Desktop software are not perfect either

If a pdf file creator doesn’t want the file to be edited, they will ensure that it is flattened or play all the objects on a single layer. It is something that can be achieved by pdf flattening that utilize a software too like the adobe acrobat or create a pdf file from other format like an image file. Practically, most of the pdf file in the modern world are placed in a single layer.

A pdf that is flattened becomes quite difficult when it comes to editing because most of the software for pdf for the desktop might not be able to differentiate the various images that are contained in the file. Thus, when you try to edit one object like a sentence or something which is simple like having to add a signature, it might end up impacting on the rest of the objects which are in the pdf file. When you try to edit a pdf, it can become quite frustrating. There are few pdf software programs that happen to be quite good to manage such issues.

While it might seem like having the desktop pdf software might be the solution when it comes to editing a pdf file, the reality is nuanced which leaves a high cost of the few software programs which many people are unable to make the cut.

How do the online pdf editors work?

They are known to work virtually through printing objects on top of a pdf which are existing and while they might not edit the objects directly, they make it possible for the users to complete the main tasks of viewing the pdf, being able to fill a pdf form, coming up with small changes which are normally via erasing or having to add note and highlights which are in the document. The online editors can help with tasks such as rotating, merging, rotating or having to delete some pages from the pdf.

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