Why Are Slow Juicers Considered The Preferred Choice?


People who are conscious about their health and fitness, consider homemade juices rather than canned bottles available in the market. But the majority of people are unaware that selecting the right juicer affects the quality of juice that is produced. The traditional juicers consist of fast-paced spinning blades that crush fruits and vegetables. Such juicers eliminate the nutrients from juices and leave them without any nutritional value. Recently, the concept of slow juicing has gained immense limelight, and the sale of slow juicers have gone up tremendously.

How are slow juicers different?

Several TV and internet commercials have been focusing their attention on slow juicers. Slow juicers are known to grind and press fruits and vegetables without generating any unnecessary heat during the juice extraction process. Such a kitchen appliance is not only becoming a preferred choice for the commercial kitchen but is used by homemakers as well.

Features of slow juicers

The following aspects mentioned about the slow juicing appliance that makes them the perfect choice for nutritional fruit and vegetable juices.

Slow speed technology

Slow juicers utilize the slow rotation speed technology. This produces negligible heat during the juice extraction process. Henceforth, the enzymes are intact yielding nutrient-rich juice.

Stainless-steel design

The entire slow juicers are designed with a stainless-steel body. This helps to keep the juice hygienic and fresh to the highest level. Furthermore, one doesn’t have to worry about polycarbonate elements getting into contact with the final juice.

Easy to clean and maintain

The slow juicers are designed for easy assembling and disassembling of the parts. Hence, cleaning and using them is effortless. Furthermore, the parts are dishwasher safe, which makes them easier for cleaning.

Array of functions

The popularity of slow juicers is also because of the wide range of functions they are designed for. Apart from extracting juices from fruits and vegetables, it can be used for nuts, coconuts, and wheatgrass juice as well.

Advantages of slow juicers

Produce more juice

Slow juicers are featured with heavy-duty mortar which enables as many squeezes as possible, producing top-notch quality juice. There are no switches available for different nozzles, saving a lot of time. Thus, slow juicers can produce more juice than traditional juicers.

Nutritional value is maintained

When traditional juicers are used for the extraction of juices, the nutrients and fibers from fruits and vegetables get oxidized because of the high heat generation. On the other hand, slow juicers don’t produce high heat, helping to retain the nutrients and fibers from all the ingredients.

Wide range of ingredients

The best part about slow juicers is that one can customize and use a wide range of ingredients for extracting juices. From different fruits, and vegetables, to wheatgrass, nuts, coconut, juices can be produced retaining nutritional value. The multi-purpose potential makes the appliance an ideal choice among health and fitness freaks.


With the practice of slow juicing, the nutritional loss from the ingredients is minimal. There is less heat generation ensuring freshness and nutrient-rich juice in every sip. The benefits of using a slow juicer are not a fad as there are so many benefits attached that are hard to ignore.

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