What to Know About Commercial Drain Cleaners


It is important to maintain your pipes and drains so that you don’t end up with a major issue. You need to use the right commercial drain cleaner products to do this. They should clean the drains and pipes and degrease as well. They should also coat the pipes with grease inhibitors that prevent anything from sticking to the pipes. This helps prevent blockages from occurring.

Types of Drain Cleaners

The best drain cleaners are solvent-free and caustic-based. They unblock your drain and use enzymatic drain-unblocking chemicals that will take fat and oils and convert them into soap. Essentially, you will be able to break down any blockage into smaller bits that are easy to wash away. This includes lime cement-based debris, grease, fat build-up, hair, food, and more. It won’t harm your pipes as it does its job.

You can choose from a few different chemicals when you need to unblock pipes. You can get industrial strength acid drain unblockers for tough industrial drains, or you can get a milder liquid drain cleaner. You can also find enzyme biological fat and food digesters or drain cleaner granules.

If you want a more economical option, try concentrated commercial drain cleaners. They fight against grease, fats, and other blockages, and they are great for food processing. Concentrated products will last a long time, and they save you money while they reduce your footprint on the environment.

How Professionals Unclog Drains

If you hire a professional drain cleaning company, they use acidic drain cleaners that have a high concentration of sulfuric acid. This type of product can dissolve grease, hair, and tissue paper, as well as other difficult blockages.

You can always call a professional company to help if you need your drains unclogged. The experts know how to do more than unclog your drains; they can also help you come up with a maintenance plan.

It is important to use a professional company with experience, and they should know how to keep your drains and pipes in top shape all the time. They should use products that are safe and effective, and their goal should be to extend their lifespan. Maintaining your pipes and drains is the best possible way to make sure that they stay in top shape for as long as possible. They will stay clear so that you don’t have to worry about blockages.



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