What to Do If Your Worcester Stairlift Breaks Down


As a stairlift user, or owner in Worcester, you will have become accustomed to getting up and down your stairway with ease. For many people, they simply couldn’t make the journey up and down their stairs without their trusted stairlift which is why it’s important to know who to get in touch with if something were to go wrong.

Mobile phone

No doubt you’ve been encouraged to carry your mobile phone on you at all times in the past which may seem like a nag, however, if a malfunction were to take place whilst you are on your stairlift then it will soon start to have seemed like a wise idea. You will need to call somebody for assistance.

Family or friends

If you have family, or friends that don’t live too far away, then you will probably want to call them first to come and assist you in getting down from your stairlift. When they arrive, they should call a stairlift engineer in Worcester to come and assess your stairlift and to get it back up and running for you.

A mobility company

On the off chance that you don’t have family, or friends that live close enough, or that aren’t available to come and assist at the time, your best bet would be to call your local mobility company. If you have a local firm that is family oriented and has been serving the community for some time, then they should be happy to assist you and to get your stairlift working again.

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