Top Ways To Prevent Cavities In Children


Cavities or tooth decay is a number one concern of all parents who have little kids and toddlers. Cavities may result in pain and point towards unhealthy teeth. Therefore, you must take measures to prevent these in children. You can also go for family dentistry in North Mankato to know the top ways to prevent cavities. In this article, we have jotted down the top ways to prevent cavities in kids. Here we go! 

Top ways to prevent cavities 

1. Drink water throughout the day

Cavities generally occur due to struck food particles in between your teeth, which cause bacteria and germs. It is highly recommended to regularly drink water throughout the day to flush out all bacteria, keeping the PH level balanced. Avoid sports and sugary drinks as they contain sugar and acids, which cause cavities. 

2. Eat non-stick snacks 

Every time you eat sticky and starchy food, it gets stuck between your teeth and mouth. This allows bacteria to feed on these food particles, causing cavities. Make sure you avoid non-sticky and non-starchy food items so that they are not struck on your teeth. Instead, include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. 

3. Avoid grazing! 

Every time your youngster takes a snack, they’re also providing food for the bacteria. Don’t let your kids consume too many meals a day. Make sure they choose carefully if they must have a snack in between meals. Water is a great beverage to have after a snack.

4. Start a dental routine 

Develop the habit of brushing from an early age. Asking your kid to use Fluoride-free toothpaste designed specifically for infants and young children is the ideal option since they will enjoy the taste and want to eat it or suck on the brush. However, fluoride toothpaste is not required at this age. For kids aged three to six who can spit out toothpaste, a pea-sized dollop of toothpaste with fluoride is suitable.

5. Teach kids about flossing 

As a small kid, it becomes difficult to use string floss; therefore, ask your child to use a floss stick to clean their mouth. Children should wiggle the floss stick’s string between two teeth in order to utilize it correctly. The ideal technique is to drag the floss across the teeth’s surfaces softly. To avoid irritating the gums, kids must use the floss softly and under supervision at first.

Wrapping Up 

Cavities in kids are common. By following a comprehensive dental routine, it is easier to avoid this dental problem. Besides brushing and flossing, follow these tips to prevent cavities in children. 

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