Tips to find the Web Application Security Testing Tool


With vital data being transmitted and kept in web applications, there’s a dire requirement for explicit security testing. Aside from maintaining the privacy of important data, security testing also involves tackling authorization and authentication issues.

Like a tester, it’s the most enjoyable type of testing. There are lots of interesting techniques and tools to show the vulnerabilities of the web application. But because fun as it might seem, it features a serious side into it. By using the best security testing tools you are able to uncover many hidden problems that can otherwise hand out sensitive information in unauthorized hands. Because of so many web application security testing tools available, there’s always any doubt concerning the most appropriate option. Below are great tips to find the right security testing tool:


It is crucial for any security testing tool to possess complete easy usage in order to save unnecessary time wastage. The tool shouldn’t be confusing and really should be simple enough to become understood beginning with time users. Cellular phone ought to be easy and the fundamental setup shouldn’t require a lot of time.


An internet application security testing tool is incomplete with no handy group of standalone tools. A few examples could be HTTP editors, web proxy and HTTP discovery service that enables recognition of live web servers around the network. These utilities are important to do thorough analysis. Over fifty percent from the issues are revealed by these extra utilitarian tools.

Development of logs

Logging enables you to definitely track the whole process from submitting the Hyperlink to packet level details. You are able to locate the mistake invoking code and may even find out the headers sent and received through the HTTP protocol.

Authentication and authorization

Security testing tools should permit you to manipulate the net application being an authenticated user. This should help you in revealing the loopholes or even the sensitive regions of the applying that may be easily exploited. Similarly, you will be able to adopt different authorization roles and try out the application accordingly.

Handling false positives

Every testing tool generates many false positives however the right tool is the one which offers methods to control what was already scanned or seen. When utilized in future, it saves great deal of time and makes testing straight forward.

Testing login

Though rare, but when an internet application tool provides password cracking abilities, it will make the applying very secure. This can help in testing the sturdiness of login mechanism. The traditional dictionary cracking methods are little limited within their scope.

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