Smart Tips to Solve Common Packing Woes

Smart Tips to Solve Common Packing Woes

Packing for moving is the most tiresome process of moving out. The single way to reduce this stress is to make sure that all the unnecessary things are out of the home before start packing. The key is to purge first and pack later.

While packing it is often confusing which one goes in which box, room, etc. Although most of the packing and moving companies in Toronto provide packing services, it is easier for unpacking when you pack your own items. Here are some tips to proceed with smarter packing without hurdles.

  • Always start the packing with the least used items.
  • Use colored tapes as labels to mark the boxes for each room. It is easier to sort the boxes on arriving and avoids confusion when the unpacking is started. Ask your Toronto packing company, if they would provide boxes with labels, if not the colored labels are the best bet.
  • Pack the fragile items such as glasses and delicate items inside clean socks which provide extra cushioning for these items. The bubble wraps can go over these. It helps check two items- socks and glasses- off the list in one go.
  • Use kitchen towels and dish towels as lining for the crockery items.
  • If you have a removable drawer organizer, keep the silverware inside the organizer and cover the entire thing using plastic wrap. All the items would be packed as a single unit saving you more space inside the boxes. The same goes for the kitchen knife unit as it is safer to avoid accidents.
  • Mixing heavy items with some soft toys to reduce the weight and fill in the spaces. This avoids over packing leaves the box is still comfortable to carry.
  • Always use a small box for heavier items.
  • Seal all the bottles of liquid items using tapes and then a plastic wrap, whether it is toiletry or kitchen items, to avoid spillage.
  • Use separate boxes for each room and never mix items from different rooms in a single box.
  • Using space-saving vacuum seal bags are a blessing for clothes. In Toronto, most of the packing and moving services offer specific boxes for wardrobe and clothes, so make use of them as well.
  • Pack the items that you would need immediately upon arrival in a see-through box so that it is easier to reach. Pack it with some snacks and drinks, bed sheets, toiletries, etc.
  • It is safer to pack a moving day bag with all the basic necessary items for each member of the family. It comes in handy in case there is a delay with the packing or delivering process.
  • Labeling boxes that are needed on priority helps the packers to identify them and will be loaded at the end. While unloading you will have immediate access to those boxes and would not need to look for the same. 

You can see that most of the movers provide tips on packing. You can see several of them from the reliable online portal.

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