Quick Steps To Earn Real Instagram Followers!

Quick Steps To Earn Real Instagram Followers!

In this world of social media’s influence, to stay relevant your Insta game needs to be strong. Take hints from Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez- using the correct hashtags, launching and collaborating with major brands, and keeping it real. A peek into their professional and personal life, keeping that balance helps them to attract such a huge following. Back home, we have the Padukone’s, Panday’s, Bhatt’s slaying it. Of course, they have the benefit of being celebrities and movie stars but it doesn’t take a commoner long to escalate to new heights of fame (remember, Priya Prakash Varrier?)

Social media presence on multiple platforms and robust Instagram following indicate your brand value. But what if you are producing good content but somehow ain’t cracking that follower’s code? Do not fret anymore! With some simple hacks and tricks, you can slowly and steadily earn real Instagram followers.

Why do I say real? Because more than often people buy followers to increase their followers. Fake followers do not increase engagement but sure boost your ego. Another annoying tactic is following random people who are likely to follow you back. For example, if you have 7500 followers and you follow 7000 accounts, that suggests your account is not producing compelling content.

Want quick solutions to get Instagram followers?

The quickest and least troublesome way to get Instagram followers is by signing up to sites that offer solutions to increase your audience. For example, https://nitreo.com/. They promise to help your brand grow and expand your reach ‘organically’, meaning they are not fake accounts and the engagement is real. There are other sites too, which provide the antithetical way of buying Instagram followers. The steps are easy in both cases, where you have to sign up and pay a certain amount (affordable mostly) and they would do the engagement on your behalf. Certain websites even do this for free.

Follow these prospective tips to get real Instagram followers:-

1 . Have a target audience and build your brand accordingly. Deliver the type of content your audience wants to see on their feed.

  1. Make your bio keyword searchable. Have a username that is consistent with your existing social networks. This helps to cement consistency across social networks and creates awareness and visibility.
  2. Use relevant hashtags. They help your content reach the doorsteps of your audience. Be vigil choosing hashtags that are trending and effective.
  3. Compelling captions which are unique to you helps to identify and distinguish your content from others. Don’t go for long captions, keep them slick, short, loaded with emojis, and always have an engaging tone.
  4. Aim to be on your audience’s explore page. It is from there you can navigate from being a frequently visited account to a followed page.
  5. Tag relevant users and indulge in conversations. If they share your content, it will lead to an increase in your audience base.
  6. Collaboration with brands and providing discounts, offers, giveaways attract the audience. But don’t sound very sale-sy. Keep it subtle and inward. You can also use the Instagram live feature to grow on social media.
  7. Instagram stories offer abundant options to interact with users. Polls, quizzes, contests are tools to engage followers. Here too, make judicious use of hashtags to reach a wider audience.

Post regularly with engaging content and maintain a specific timing. Posting at the right time encourages more visibility by increasing the overall engagement.