Questions You May Have About Static GK Exam in 2021


The General Awareness section is a significant part of most competitive examinations. It is quite scoring if one can prepare for it in the right way. General Knowledge questions are of two types: Static and Current Affairs.

Current Affairs, as the name says, keeps being updated every day. Static GK, on the other hand, does not change over time. Examples of Static GK include governors and Chief Ministers, forests, officially recognized languages, important awards, etc. The full list of Static GK PDF 2021 topics must be kept handy during preparations.

What Are The Topics Covered in Static GK 2021?

The table below lists some of the Static GK topics covered in examinations.

State CMs and Governors Countries, currencies, and capitals
Members of Parliament, Rajya Sabha, and Lok Sabha Gardens
Bird sanctuaries National parks
Indian airports Banks and bank accounts
Deserts in India and the world Important bridges
Government-sponsored scholarships Past presidents and vice presidents
Phobias Indian lakes and rivers
Space centres Australian, French Open, and Wimbledon winners
Nuclear power plants Wildlife sanctuaries
Nobel Peace Prize winners FIFA World Cup winners
Indian coal mines Indian elections
Past CBI directors World languages

What Are the Paper Pattern and Marking System?

Understanding the paper pattern and marks distribution is pertinent to scoring well in competitive examinations. Banking examinations like SBI PO have a GK section of 40 questions for a total score of 40.

SSC CGL’s tier 1 examination’s GK section has a total of 25 questions. The marks for this examination are double at 50.

RRB NTPC is another examination with a section dedicated to static GK. The first CBT has 40 marks worth of GK questions, while the second has GK questions of 50 marks.

How to Prepare Better for Static GK 2021?

With the topics and paper pattern out of the way, the next step is to better prepare for the section. Listed below are the top tips one can make use of to score well in the GK section.

Study plan: Prepare long-term, short-term, and daily study plans. Obtain the Static GK PDF 2021 list and set goals on when to finish it. Having a fixed deadline will ensure no topic is missed. Aim for at least an hour of GK preparation daily.

Important topics: Compile a set of topics that must be covered at all costs. Topics that were covered in the past couple of year’s papers must be included. If the full list of topics can’t be finished, try to finish the important ones.

Mock tests: Mock tests are essential to keep checking the progress. Mock tests done under examination conditions will help candidates understand how fast to cover which section and which section will need more attention.

Breaks: Studying without a break is not effective in terms of retaining information. Studies have shown that breaks are essential to make the most of a study session. Stretch, take a walk in the open, eat healthy food, and not feel guilty about it.

The road to success is tough. With several aspirants sitting for the competitive examinations, the only thing that will set them apart is how well prepared one is. With proper planning and enough practice tests, the GK section is an easy climb.

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