Questions To Ask Before Buying Cannabis In Bulk


There are many people right now, particularly in Canada, who are using weeds. Why not? It offers them a lot of benefits no other over the counter medicines can provide. If you are one of those people who want to Buy Marijuana Online or in a physical store, one thing you have to consider is buying in bulk.

There are many benefits why would you want to buy wholesale cannabis, but before you get too excited about the many benefits buying in bulk can offer, it is necessary that you ask the shop where you are planning to buy them relevant questions that can help you decide if they are the real shop for you to consider.

Relevant Questions That Can Help You From Choosing The Right Shop To Buy Cannabis In Bulk

If you are clueless on which questions to start with, read below:

  • Can I get more discounts?

Primarily, cannabis shops already offer their customers with discounts, but of course, as someone who is buying in bulk, you want to get more. Asking if they can offer you with more discounts if you buy in bulk is a good idea.

You are not expecting that your wish will be granted, but needless to say, it is better to ask than not. Do not give up negotiation too fast, especially if you are ordering huge amount of cannabis. You actually have the right to do so, as you are giving them business.

  • When can you deliver my order?

And since it is an order in bulk, you never know when can they deliver your order. Ask if they have your orders on hand or they need to order it somewhere else. Actually, you are asking for this information not to rush them to deliver your order but to at least somehow set your expectations rightfully.

If possible, you can ask them to provide you not only with an exact date of delivery but also time they would possibly send your orders.

Waiting too long for your marijuana supply is not ideal especially if you need it to heal your medical condition.

  • How will my weeds be packaged?

Of course, you want to make sure that your weeds are packaged in a way that you can store it for a long time. Ask for a good packaging and possibly ask them how to store your ordered marijuana for a long time.

There is no one better to provide the storage information than those who made them. You may also want to tell them how long are you planning to store the cannabis so they will do the right packaging on your behalf.

  • How to use the strain?

And since there is a handful amount of strains on your hand, asking how to use it is also a good idea. You sure would like to enjoy your weed usage to the fullest hence asking for its proper usage is something worthy for you to consider.

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