Jamming With Art – The Emergence Of The New Singapore


Art Jamming is all about the process of creating Art with no rules and restrictions. For us Art Jams are an opportunity to experiment, have fun and create something new!

We believe Art has no boundaries or limits so our Art Jams allow you to explore different media such as painting, ceramics, printmaking, drawing/sketching etc.  All the Art Jams are suitable for individuals aged 14 years old and up – so no age limit!

“When I am painting or drawing, I feel like my brain is resting.” – Anya Kucharova (age 14) at one of the recent Art Jams in Singapore.

Art Jamming Singapore has become the latest big thing on the internet in Singapore. Art Jamming, or ArtJams for short, is a type of group art activity that was popularized by the ArtRave movement in 2003.

Everyone is encouraged to freely explore their creativity and experiment with new media while being guided through an often-chaotic process by facilitators who provide materials as needed. The ArtJam experience can be enhanced with live music, dance performances and installations at designated sites around town.

The first ArtJam in Singapore took place on March 22nd 2013 when more than 400 people gathered together under Dufferin bridge to create art using recycled objects from “the living park”. People aged 18 years old and above were able to take part in this event which lasted about three hours starting from 11 am till 12 noon.

Art Jamming is a great way to meet new people, get inspired and creative. The best things about it is, it can be done in groups or even on your own with friends – It’s all about having fun! Get ready to rejuvenate your creativity by doing something different from what you’re usually used to.

Art Jams will make sure that you’re never bored again!

In this event, there are many different crafts and art mediums that you could use to create your own masterpiece. You had the choice of using recycled materials such as old newspapers for paper mache, or more permanent materials like oil paints or acrylic paint pens.

The types of activities included in these events are varied but they can be categorized into three main categories: Painting, Sculpting/Modeling and Creating Objects with Materials Other than Paint on Paper.

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