Here are a few of the thing you can do on Facebook


I can’t believe that I am writing an article about how to use Facebook because the level of popularity that this platform has achieved makes one to doubt if there is anyone who doesn’t use it already. Well, I am here to dispute that statement because there are actually over 5 billion people in the world who don’t use Facebook. Just because you use Facebook doesn’t mean that everybody does. However, if you run a business, no matter the industry you are in, you should probably make haste to open a Facebook account in order to benefit from the marketing power the platform offers. Facebook and other social media platforms have become a way of obtaining social approval and the more likes, views, followers, friends, and comments your account has makes you more legit. That is why there are so many people running around to find service providers to buy Facebook post likes from. A good number of the brands you see around buy likes on Facebook.

Let us take a look at what you can do with a Facebook account.

When you create an account on Facebook, you start to create history on the platform in the form of a timeline. This goes for both individuals and businesses. If you open an account where you post content related to your business, a history is created from the first time you made a post to the present. A timeline shows you how your journey on the platform has been and is much more than a profile. Facebook initially referred to timelines as profiles but made the change to give the activities people do on the platform more meaning. You can see how many likes, views, and comments each of your posts garnered so that you can tell whether your influence is growing, has remained stagnant, or is dwindling.

Timelines come with all sorts of privacy settings so that you can control what kind of information is visible to who. You can also control the kind of actions other people can perform on your timeline.

Besides creating a timeline, Facebook also allows you to connect with other people who may be your friends, neighbors, family members, colleagues, or even complete strangers. You can connect with these people by linking your timeline to theirs to create what Facebook calls friendships. When you are friends with someone on Facebook, you can communicate with them privately or publicly, you can share your posts and photos with them, and you can see what they post among others. It is this aspect of friendship that makes Facebook such a powerful form in our personal and business lives today.

Facebook allows its users to plan events and join groups on the platform as well. These are just a few of the features that Facebook has made available to its users to facilitate interactions. Through events, people are able to create events and share information with other people about them. You can also invite people to your events and even send them reminders so that they don’t forget. These events are planned on Facebook, but they happen in real life. That is the kind of power that Facebook puts in your hands.

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