Cut Down You Business Printing Expenses in 5 Steps


We live in hard economic times, and everyone strives to save some bucks. Businesses are no exception either. Many are now seeking ways to minimize expenses and operational costs. Printing is one area that many overlook, and it can cost your business lots of money. Is your printer losing more than expected? Here’s how to lower printing costs in your business:

  1. Understand printing processes

 There are different printing methods, know which is less costly, and when its best applicable. For example, if printing in bulk, litho printing would be ideal. But for smaller print runs, digital printing works best.

Get quotes from printing companies, you may have used on in the past, but prices keep on changing. Besides, printing costs vary between printers, and this depends on the focus and equipment.

  1. Use standard page sizes.

There are different types of printing paper. For instance, AZ professional printing services are less costly but exceptional. The print shop utilizes standard size papers and still produced high-quality pieces. To save more, know the most cost-effective type of paper and color that proffers excellent results. Moreover, use dimensions that don’t require unnecessary trimming and avoid margins at all costs.

  1. Understand all printing settings

Learn about different printing settings and features. Educate your employees or any other person who uses your printer on the same. For instance, know how to minimize the font size to fit in a smaller piece of paper.

 Also, know how to print on both sides of the paper, and the required page sections instead of the entire document. Implement a double-sided rule in your workplace and set the default settings of all printers to print on both pages at all times.

  1. Utilize the print preview

A print preview is a handy tool for anyone who wishes to save on printing costs. It shows the real image of the final document, making it easier to select the required sections. You don’t have to print the entire page if you don’t need the content. Moreover, if printing from a website directly, it allows you to print in color or monochrome version. Ensure that everyone understands how to use the command. This will eliminate spacing errors or margins and save on paper.

  1. Use the right printer

Your type of printer matters a lot. Black and white printers cost less and will save you a lot, and you won’t need to replace cartridges. Also, know how efficient the print is in terms of energy usage. For instance, Laserjet printer can help lower the costs as compared to an inkjet. The laserjet is cost-effective; it prints at 1 to 3 cents per page, but the inkjet pints at 4 to 12 cents per single page.

If using an inkjet printer, using ink refill kits will also save you some money. On the other hand, it will cost you more to purchase a laserjet, and you’ll end up saving more in the long-run.


We all wish to save some bucks on printing, and there are many ways of achieving this. Consider the above tips to save on paper and also save on printing costs. Moreover, the next time you go shopping for a printer, talk to the dealer about the machine’s energy efficiency properties.

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