Ask Top 5 Questions From Your Oral Surgeon 


Undergoing oral surgery can be mentally daunting. Therefore, you need an oral surgeon whom you trust blindly. This ensures you are at complete ease while going for your surgery. Therefore, you need to choose your surgeon carefully so as not to make a mistake. During the initial consultation, you must ask your dentist in Brookline, MA different questions which can help you make the right decision. In this article, we have listed the top questions to ask an oral surgeon. Here we go! 

Questions to Ask From An Oral Surgeon 

1. Share your experience of handling similar cases in the past. 

During the first meeting, ask your dental surgeon if they have performed similar surgeries before as well. This is because you need an experienced professional to tackle the dental surgical procedure. This promotes a successful outcome and gives you complete peace of mind. 

2. What happens during dental surgery?

Your oral surgeon is responsible for explaining your entire procedure. If you are undergoing a root canal treatment, they must explain the entire process in detail. Additionally, you may ask them about the aftercare of the procedure for a successful procedure.  

3. For how long have you been practicing as an oral surgeon? 

Ask your oral surgeon about the total years of experience they have. If your surgeon possesses 3-5 years of experience in performing surgeries, you must consider them. 

4. Are there any complications of the surgery? 

Undergoing surgery is a complicated process. Therefore, knowing all the pros and cons beforehand is important. Ask your dentist about complications. Go ahead with them only if you are satisfied with the answer. 

5. How do you like to take payments? 

Ask your doctor about their preferred mode of accepting payment. You should also ask about the treatment cost of various procedures. Check if your insurance covers the particular treatment. If yes, choose a surgeon who accepts your plan to save money. 

Final Words 

Oral surgeries are complicated; thus, you need an expert giving you the right treatment. Choosing an oral surgeon is difficult due to the various options available. Thus, you must ask these top 5 questions on your visit to the oral surgeon. 

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