A Quick and Useful Guide for Transporting Your Car Cross Country


The meaning of cross-country car transport is moving the car from one state to another or from one city to another. The two types of car shipping service providers are- Shipping firms who have their own shipping vehicle and equipment, Broker will know which shipping firm is best to transport the car to the location while charging fees or commission.

Ship a Car, Inc is an experienced transport broker. They provide shipping services to businesses and people relocating themselves. If you are thinking of shipping a car to/from Wyoming, contact them at (866) 821-4555.

Some points to keep in mind while deciding to ship a car cross country:

  • Consider all the options available – You can get your car from one place to another without the service of Transport Company. You can either drive the car, but consider cost of fuel, food and hotel or get your car towed, it will transport your car at reasonable price up to 500 miles or sell your car if you don’t have money.
  • Door-to-door or terminal-to terminal car delivery – The convenience of door-to-door car delivery option will come with a premium price. The pickup of your car will be done from the location provided by us and delivered to end destination specified by you.

The terminal-to-terminal car shipping costs are lower compared to other methods. The pickup and drop off place is predetermined, so the customer has to arrange for sending car to drop off place and receiving the car from pickup place.

  • Compare Car shipping quotes – The car shipping rates are volatile and tend to fluctuate, it depends on distance, type of transport and geography.
  • Open-air transport- The shipping company to reduce the cost per car usually ships up to 10 cars in open-air trailer. Bring the cost of car transport lower than enclosed car transport. There is no protection from weather elements, so chances of minor damage is possible, which will be covered by insurance
  • Enclosed transport- The car is more safe and secured in enclosed transport than in open-air transport. If you own a high end and expensive car this is the best option for you. Enclosed transport will cost fifty percent more than open-air transport as it transports fewer cars.
  • Select a transport company – After getting multiple quotes from different transport companies, choose one which has low price. Also consider company with excellent customer service, experience and provides extra insurance.
  • Ready the car for transport – Remove all the personal stuff from your car, test if emergency brakes are working, make sure the tank is less than quarter full also click a picture of the car before transporting.
  • Check for any damage upon delivery – It is unlikely that the car will be damaged, but still the picture taken before delivery will help to easily detect any damage during transit. Also signature on bill of lading at the time of delivery is important and you have to document the damage to file insurance claim.

Getting a car transport company to ship your car will bring peace of mind and save your energy. All you have to do is research and select the ideal transport option for you.

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